As you age, your lips are likely to become thinner and they will lose definition over time. Lip enhancement involves the careful injection of dermal filler into the lips in order to achieve naturally fuller lips.

Clients report that their lips benefit from improved contours and shapeliness. The process can also aid in turning the corners of the mouth upwards. Many turn to lip enhancement to improve the appearance of wrinkles around the lips which are caused by the ageing process.

Treatments and costs vary depending on your requirements. Most practitioners will offer a free consultation to determine your needs and provide you with an accurate cost.

The process of lip enhancement lasts around 40 minutes and, as lips are sensitive, local anaesthetic is applied first to numb the area prior to the injection. The smooth gel is injected by your practitioner using an ultrafine needle and encourages a soft, natural feel to your plumped lips. Lip lines and wrinkles are filled by the gel and the hyaluronic acid contained within the gel retains moisture.

You can return to your daily routine almost immediately following your treatment, though you may experience some bruising, swelling and tenderness which can last 6-10 days.

Following lip enhancement, the results last approximately six months and further injections will be required in order to maintain the effects. If you would like to see the results we have achieved for our clients using lip enhancement, why not take a look at our gallery page or read some of our testimonials to discover more about our clients’ experiences with us.

You are welcome to get in touch to discuss your needs for lip enhancement or any of our treatments.